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general manager
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Anita Kántor
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communication coordinator
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Mária Sulyok
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press chief
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It is extremely important for us to protect both our audience’s and our artists’ health. We would like to ask you to always comply with the following rules suggested below when attending the events represented by the Cziffra Festival:

  • only guests without any perceptible COVID symptoms can attend our events
  • wearing a mask is obligatory throughout the event, and throughout the concert venue
  • please follow social distancing rules
  • please follow our staff’s guidelines when onsite
  • always check the concert venue’s website for their own pandemic regulations
  • please buy your tickets online or preferably using touchless payment options

If we have to cancel any of our events for pandemic reasons, we will refund your tickets. We will keep you informed about the refund process.

Thank you for your understanding.