Nikolai Lugansky’s piano recital

Russian pianist Nikolai Lugansky is a returning guest in Budapest. This time, the audience of the Cziffra Festival can hear his solo performance at the Liszt Academy. The performer will be evoking the world of 19th-century salons while cherry-picking from Mendelssohn’s piano series Songs without Words, which created a new genre in its time. He will also bring to us two of Chopin’s compositions, which are the backbone of his usual repertoire: One of Chopin’s first-published nocturnes – Op. 27 in D-flat major– which is a striking example of the permeability of vocal and piano music and stands for new aesthetics, as well as Chopin’s Ballad in F minor, Op. 52. The two Wagner Paraphrases featured during the evening reinforce the validity of the dialogue between genres. The piece inspired by the last act of the Nibelung Tetralogy was composed by Lugansky himself, and he will perform Liszt’s well-known version of Isolde’s love death from Tristan and Isolde.


Supporters: Prime Minister’s Office, Bethlen Gábor Fund


Mendelssohn: Songs without Words (selection);

Chopin: Nocturne in D-flat major, Op. 27; Ballad in F minor, Op. 52;

Wagner-Lugansky: 4 movements from “Twilight of the Gods”;

Wagner-Liszt: Liebestod (Tristan and Isolde)





Liszt Academy, Great Hall