Behind the Scenes – The Performer | an unusual piano evening with Gergely Boganyi

Featuring Gergely Bogányi, Ádám Bősze and János Lackfi

The audience normally only enjoys the final result of performing arts and has no idea of what kind of spiritual processes, soul and logic, individual habits and techniques are required for the artist to perform at the Concert, giving their best.

Pianist Gergely Bogányi, writer-poet János Lackfi and music historian Ádám Bősze discuss these matters – and the fact that performing art is also a way and a form of life and a mindset. How does an artist recharge his batteries? What are the mental and physical challenges of learning a piece? Does all this change with age? How do external conditions affect practising? These and similar questions will come up in the conversation, which provides glances behind the scenes.

The piano is at the heart of the one-part evening, playing the most central part next to the conversation. Gergely Bogányi had the opportunity to learn personally from György Cziffra, take part in his masterclasses, and he passes on Cziffra’s musical legacy in his international career to this day.

(A joint concert of the Cziffra Festival and MOMkult)

Supporter: Prime Minister’s Office, Bethlen Gábor Fund

Featured sponsor: MVM


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