A Date with Destiny | An evening by Petra Gubik and János Balázs

Dramaturgy by Sári O. Horváth

This evening, besides enjoying György Cziffra’s legacy, we can also gain insight into the most critical moments and events of his life. The performance recounts and recalls the pivotal encounters that brought about and enhanced Cziffra’s musical fulfilment and his constant flame of faith in music and people. In addition to our own choices, also our encounters and our relationships with others determine our lives. These incessantly shape our personality and guide us towards our destiny. The path of a man who could not be prevented from fulfilling his destiny and mission – to give, to bring joy and create tranquillity for others – even by the most tumultuous and excruciating events in European history.

The young Junior Prima Award-winning artist Petra Gubik will join János Balázs in presenting Cziffra’s life. After the success of the TV music programme and winning the title of the most versatile performer in Hungary, Petra Gubik will now take to the stage at the Festival, where prose and music, classical and pop music melodies meet in a loving embrace.

(A joint concert of the Cziffra Festival and MOMkult)

Sponsor: Prime Minister's Office, Bethlen Gábor Alapkezelő Zrt.

Featured sponsor: MVM


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