What is the Cziffra File? – Pianist in Exile: György Cziffra and State Security

Temporary exhibition

In 1950, György Cziffra tried to leave Hungary with his wife and son but was arrested instead. His wife and he were sentenced to several years in prison, and his son was sent to a children’s home. This is how Cziffra and the Hungarian State Security crossed paths. The relevant file can be found in the records of the Historical Archives of the State Security Services.

The Archives’ temporary exhibition on the relationship between the world-famous pianist and the State Security –  also displaying the above document – can be seen from February 2024. Starting from a special point of view and through a number of previously unpublished records and sources, mainly using archival documents and photographs, the exhibition presents a period of Cziffra’s life and art, as well as the operation of State Security, in part through Cziffra’s person.

The exhibition is made even more colourful and varied thanks to the conversations and performances held by renowned artists and historians familiar with the given period.

Visiting the exhibition is free of charge.

(Joint event of the Cziffra Festival and the Historical Archives of the State Security Services)

Sponsor: Prime Minister’s Office, Bethlen Gábor Alapkezelő Zrt.

Featured sponsor: MVM



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State Security Historical Archive


State Security Historical Archive

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