Hommage à Cziffra

Performed by: Balázs Fülei (piano)


Thanks to its remarkable ancient monuments and artefacts, the Archeological Museum of Teanum Sidicinum awaits its visitors with a timeless and singular ambience in a picturesque setting north of Naples. The institution also provides a venue for concerts, and today’s artists are just as inspired by the marvellous surroundings as Liszt was in his time. The Liszt- and Artisjus Award-winning pianist, Balázs Fülei, has compiled a fitting programme from his astonishingly broad repertoire. While Purcell’s keyboard suite from the 17th century evokes long-gone times, Beethoven’s “evergreen” Moonlight Sonata draws our attention to art’s sacredness and eternal value. A movement from Ravel’s piano suite, Miroirs, Une barque sur l’océan (in English “A Boat on the Ocean”) articulates on the piano keys the immense power of the seas embracing the Italian peninsula. Then, one of the most shining jewels of Romantic musical lyricism follows: Chopin’s gentle and bittersweet ballad, which takes us to the peak of the evening. His journey to Italy made such a profound impact on Liszt that years later, he felt compelled to complete the second volume of his Années de pèlerinage with three coherent pieces under the title Venezia e Napoli. The very essence of Italian music is woven into its movements.
(Joint event by the György Cziffra Memorial Year and the Summer Concert Caserta)

Purcell: Suite in D major, D 667;
Beethoven: Sonata in C-sharp minor, Op. 27/2 (“Moonlight”);
Ravel: Une barque sur l’Océan;
Chopin: Ballade in f-minor, Op. 52;
Liszt: Venezia e Napoli (Gondoliera/ Canzone / Tarantella)


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