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Andrea Vigh


Andrea Vigh is a Liszt and Prima Prize winning harpist, university professor and president of the Liszt Academy of Music. She has recorded ten solo CDs, most of which were released by Capriccio Records, earning her critical acclaim and sold in great numbers throughout the world. She was an active member of the Budapest Festival Orchestra between 1993-1996. She appeared on stage at the Salzburg Festival, the European tour led by György Solti and at Bartók anniversary concerts (Paris, New York – Carnegie Hall). In 1994 she was invited to the “Die Beste” program of the ZDF German television channel following the release of her “Harp Concertos” album. Since 1993 she has been giving annual solo concerts at the Liszt Academy. At the finale of the festival held at the Liszt Academy on the occasion of Hungary’s accession to the EU in 2004, she appeared in a concert entitled “Chamber Music with Harp” with David Grimal, András Adorján and Miklós Perényi. In the Winter Festive Evenings of 2005 she performed concerts with Ilona Tokody and Éva Marton at the Palace of Arts and the Grand Hall of the Liszt Academy. Several TV recordings have been made of her performances, including a televised portrait film. In 2006 Hungarian Duna television made a documentary on the history of the harp in collaboration with Andrea Vigh, Vilmos Szabadi and András Batta. She is a jury member of the international harp competitions in Wales, Gödöllő, Belgrade, Szeged and Arles. She is also the founder and artistic director of the International Harp Festival in Gödöllő, organized annually since 1999. She became habilitated in 2001, earned her “Doctor of Liberal Arts” degree “summa cum laude” in 2009.