Pély Barna Fotó Ágota Csaba (1)

Barna Pély


For more than a decade now BARNA PÉLY is considered to be an emblematic and colourful musician of the hungarian music scene. As a singer-songwriter he is open and energetic. He mixes up the characteristics of several styles (blues, jazz and funk)  on the stage and in his original songs, too. Besides building his solo career as a singer-songwriter, he was the frontman of the well-known hungarian band called B THE FIRST, wherewith he was broadcasted during the semifinals of the 2016 Eurovision Contest in Hungary with a nu-blues song called: “You told me that you loved me”. He wrote several hungarian radio hits with UNITED in his early years. In the year 2000 he graduated at the Franz Liszt Music Academy in Jazz-singing,  was awarded for the „best album of the year”, and also got 1st prize for the „best ballad” from the hungarian label of Warner Music. From 2003-2006 he was a jury and musical advisor of The Hungarian Idol called MEGASZTÁR on Tv2. From 2007-2017 he worked as the jazz-singing faculty leader at the Kodolányi János University. (KJF)In 2021 he was honoured with the „hungarian gold cross of merit” for his achievements in music education.In the last few years he had concerts in Europe, Asia and the USA.His varied ways of singing, focusing on traditional blues, soul,pop and funk,his way of making music with a bassdrum like stomp box, a looper, his slightly effected bluesy guitar or piano makes his style quite unique and already made a major effect on his audience and the new generations of musicians in Hungary.