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Bence Pálházi

folk musician

Bence Pálházi started his instrumental studies in 2000 in a branch institution of his elementary school, called Podmaniczky Primary School of Art. He attended parallelly chamber music, piano and violin lessons. He played Hungarian folk music on violin and had the privilege to learn it from Mr. Lajos Pál and his son Mr. István Pál, who are highly recognized in the field. Mrs. Katalin Pál taught me chamber music and piano.

After 6 years of intense preparation, in 2006, he had been admitted to the Tibor Pikhéthy Conservatoire and Secondary School. Graduated in 2010 and then in 2011 he took an OKJ folk musician exam. The five years tireless work of his music teachers, Mr. Csaba Blaskó and Mrs. Beáta Salamon helped him to successfully pass the examination of the Liszt Ferenc University in 2011. He had been admitted to the Department of Folk Music. Among others, Mrs. András Jánosi, Csaba Ökrös, Balázs Vizeli and Tamás Gombai taught me folk music on a professional level.

Pálházi has been performing folk music regularly with his band at „dance houses” since 2012, which is a great success. During the university years, from 2011 to 2018, they were the regular accompanying band of the folk-dance department of the Hungarian University of Dance Arts.

In the fall of 2012, Pálházi had the opportunity to teach as a lecturer at Tata Kenderke Reformed Elementary School of Art. Initially bass and viola, then he also taught violinists.

He earned his BA in Performing Arts in 2014, then two years later in 2016 he was admitted to the Master’s Program of the Department of Folk Music. In 2019, he obtained the master’s degree in teaching.

In 2020, his work had been awarded by the Prima Junior Award in the Hungarian Folk Art and Public Culture category.