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Eszter Veronika Kiss


Eszter Veronika Kiss musicologist graduated at Franz Liszt Music Academy at 2002 in musicology.

She has been publishing regularly in the Hungarian press since 2001.

For 17 years she was the music specialist and the music criticist of the Magyar Nemzet. Her articles were also displayed in Parlando, in Gramofonban, in Folkmagazin, in Zenekar, and in the weekly magazine Országút.

Being the music specialist of Magyar Nemzet, one of the leading daily newspapers in Hungary, she reported regularly about the „Hommage à Cziffra” concerts of János Balázs, and later  also made interviews and other articles about the establishment and the initial years of the Cziffra Festival.

In addition to her scientific research and  musical journalistic work, she currently teaches solfeggio and music history.