Molnár Ibolyka 02

Ibolyka Molnár


Ibolyka Molnár (21) was born in Budapest. She began her piano studies in 2009 at Szabolcsi Bence Music School where she finished in Ildikó Hegedűs’s class. She was admitted to Szent István Király Music Highschool, where her piano teacher was Vera Lugosi Várhalmi for 4 years.

At present she’s a 2nd year student at the Liszt Academy of Music, her professors are János Balázs and István Gulyás.

She performed at Pesti Vigadó, attended several chamber music competitions, as well as the György Ferenczy Piano Competition in 2015. During her highschool years she participated in masterclasses of Attila Némethy and Gábor Monostori. In 2019 she was given the opportunity to play Mozart’s Piano concerto in A major (K. 414) with the highschool orchestra.

She finds it an important mission to popularise classical music for various age groups.