Nevtelen Terv 16

Kornél Zipernovszky

journalist, jazz critic

Kornél Zipernovszkyis an American Studies PhD candidate at the Faculty of Humanities, ELTE University, Budapest, and the Director of Studies at the English Foundation Course of the same faculty. As a journalist and editor he is a contributor of Gramofon Klasszikus és Jazz,, Hi-Fi magazin, Magyar Narancs and Müpa Magazin. He used to be the cultural deputy director of the Collegium Hungaricum in Vienna. He is the founder of the Jazz Studies Research Group, co-edited the Jazz special issue of Americana E-Journal (vol. X.) and the Jazz Studies issue of the social science journal Replika (#101-102). He also published a handbook chapter on European jazz in 2015 (A jazz évszázada). He is one of the editors of the book about the Philharmonia Hungarica and a researcher of the history of the orchestra. His essays and reviews have been published by the journals Valóság, Buksz, Jazz Research, Replika, Kalligram and Imágó Budapest. He has also contributed to a number of conference volumes on music and jazz.