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Péter Rudolf

actor, Artistic Director of Vígszínház Budapest

Peter Rudolf was born and raised in Budapest, Hungary. He graduated from the University of Theatre and Film Budapest. He started his career in one of the most prestigious hungarian theatre company Vígszínház where he spent almost two decades playing dozens of roles.

Over the years Peter Rudolf became not only one of the most acknowledged leading artists in theatre, but also a very well-known film actor and film director. Numerous stagings of his are played in hungarian theatres, while he was also the director of the film comedy trilogy ’Glass Tiger’- one of the most popular Hungarian films of all times.

Peter Rudolf is artistic director of Vígszínház Budapest since July the 1st, 2020. His aim is to maintain and affirm the aspects of a 21st century art theatre, while also to keep the tradition of people’s theatre and to continue the international presence of the institute.

He is the bearer of many awards including the highest state award, the Kossuth Prize.