Sárik Péter Trió (2)

Sárik Péter Trio

jazz ensemble

The Peter Sarik Trio was formed in 2007 and was transformed five years later with Tibor Fonay (bass) and Attila Gálfi (drums). The ensemble has become one of Hungary’s most popular and identified jazz orchestras. The key of their success is that all three members are open and many sided musicians thus they can address a much wider spectrum of audience than the majority of the jazz orchestras.

The atmosphere of their concerts is much more that of a pop or rock concert be it in the most dignified concert halls around the globe. They make sure that the atmosphere in their concerts is really audience friendly, full of fun, play and joy.

The Peter Sarik Trio attracts a vast amount of new fans of jazz through their informal style and energy.

Peter Sarik: piano
Tibor Fonay: bass
Attila Galfi: drums