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Tamás Nyitrai

folk musician

Tamás Nyitrai was born in Budapest (Hungary) in 1987. He was acquainted with Hungarian folk music at the age of six in a camp for families. As an effect of the latter he became a student of Czövek Erna Music School in Budakeszi. As soon as he successfully completed his school leaving exams, he applied for the Folk Music department of the College of Nyíregyháza. After finishing his studies Tamás became a student of Liszt Ferenc Academy for Music in 2007 where he began his studies at the Folk Music Department. After graduation not only did he acquire a degree as a performer, but also a degree in teaching and became the teacher of numerous art schools. Currently, Tamás is a member of the Hungarian State Folk Ensemble and a fiddle teacher of Bartók Music Secondary School of Liszt Ferenc Academy for Music. Apart from having his own band named Bazseva, Tamás is also a member of other bands. He regularly participates in the work of several folk-dance groups and helps in organising and implementing dance houses and folk camps in Hungary, as well as outside the borders of the country. In 2011 Tamás was awarded with the Junior Prima Prize, a year later in 2012 he acquired the title of ’Young Master of Folk Arts’ and in 2017 he won the Halmos Béla Prize. It is of crucial importance to Tamás to authentically promote and pass on Hungarian folk music as comprehensively as possible.