Bar Night

Andrea Malek and the Hot Jazz Band

Program leírás

This special concert evokes the traditional café life of post-World War II. in Budapest. At that time, the night life was an integral part of not only the crunchy czardas dance, the jazz and the violin music, but also the exceptional piano playing of György Cziffra. The diverse and endless cavalcade of bars and locales were the symbol of a new chance in addition to a fresh start after the end of the world,  without limits and genre boundaries.

This thousand-colored and endless world is conjured up from the past by the Hot Jazz Band, with the wonderful vocals of Andrea Malek in the framework of the György Cziffra Memorial Year.

Ticket price: 12€

Further information: +421 907 674 724

A program a Cziffra György-emlékév és a Občianske združenie KulTúra KN közös szervezése


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